Haytham Safia Qu4rtet

a unique band

Haytham Safia Qu4rtet is a unique band. Its members represent many differences: between man and woman, East and West, playing by heart or improvising and playing from sheet music, the languages they speak and the Arabic, African and European musical traditions they grew up in.



intimate concert hall or on an exuberant festival stage.

All these differences melt into one uniting force by their passion for the music, their admiration for each other and their sheer joy in playing together. Attending a concert by Haytham Safia Qu4rtet is feeling what they share, be it in an intimate concert hall or on an exuberant festival stage.

The Quartet


Haytham Safia

U’d & Compositions.

A versatile and adventurous musician, Safia graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem in 2002. He turned to Europe, in particular, The Netherlands, for cross-cultural challenges, which included successful collaborations with the multinational band No Blues.

Safia has released ten CD’s that proved to be stunning albums.

Hanneke Ramselaar

Hanneke Ramselaar

Oboe & Arrangement

Hanneke Ramselaar studied oboe with Han de Vries at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She is solo oboist of the Noordpool Orchestra that released a CD called “Radiohead, a Jazz Symphony”. She made concert tours and recordings with Orkater, Opera Trionfo, the musical “Joseph” and many other orchestras and ensembles.

Osama Mileegi

Osama Mileegi


Was born in Sudan, where his professional career began at a very young age. Osama graduated from the conservatory of Khartoum and played in many different bands, both inside and outside his own country. Nowadays he lives in the Netherlands where his musical career is flourishing.

Eva van de Poll

Eva van de Poll


Eva van de Poll studied Cello with Dmitri Ferschtman. Michel Dispa and Ran Varon at the conservatory of Amsterdam, she developed a very broad multidisciplinary taste, participating in a number of film, theatre and dance productions. 


Information and booking

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